All products sold by Oskar Amber are made from Sterling silver and are either hallmarked in the UK or in Poland to confirm this.

Silver is rarely used in its purest form but instead it is normally alloyed with lesser metals to strengthen it. It is not possible to detect by sight or by touch the silver content of an item. It is therefore a legal requirement to hallmark all articles consisting of silver.

Hallmarks from UK Assay Offices consist of three marks.

  1. The sponsor's or makers mark (Oskar Amber's mark is "OA")
  2. Metal and fineness mark (Oskar Amber's silver generally has the 925 mark)
  3. The Assay Office mark (Oskar Amber use the Birmingham Assay Office, which is an anchor)

The UK and Poland are signatories to the International Convention on Hallmarks. This means that our jewellery can be struck with the Convention Hallmark and is then recognised by all member countries in the International Convention. Articles bearing the Convention Hallmark from Poland do not have to be re-hallmarked in the UK.

Some items of jewellery will be exempt from hallmarking depending on their weight. For silver this is any articles where the total amount of silver weighs less than 7.78grams. Some of our products do fall within this weight threshold and thus will only have the 925 mark and often the makers mark but are made from sterling silver and legally classed as sterling silver.